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Privacy Policy

IOM Mannkind Charitable Society (collectively “Mannkind”) is a non-profit working to provide education, shelter, food, clothing and medical care for children in developing countries. Privacy has always been treated as a priority at Mannkind and we have taken formal steps to promote responsible and transparent practices in the management of Personal Information in accordance with various privacy information protection statutes. This Privacy Policy describes Mannkind’s policies regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and retention of Personal Information.

We ensure that our volunteers sign a code of business conduct that requires the safeguarding and proper use of confidential information, including Personal Information. We also have appropriate controls on the protection of Personal Information within our systems and websites and ensure that our volunteers are required to respect the privacy of Personal Information at all times.

Mannkind will continue to review and amend its Privacy Policy to ensure it remains current with the changing environment and regulations.