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Empowering a generation
for systemic change
one child at a time.

For all Mannkind.

Mannkind Charitable Society works to provide impoverished children in developing countries with a safe and caring environment through which to explore the world. In addition to basic needs and health care, we facilitate access to education, athletics, arts, and spiritual learning — the keys to breaking the cycle of systemic ignorance that seeks to divide us. To this end, we consider it our duty and privilege to empower the next generation of informed leaders who will actively promote an agenda of empathy, kindness and compassion — for the benefit of all mankind.

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Three Pillars of Focus

Through the passion and tireless efforts of our devoted volunteers, we are proud of the impact we have made in the global community since our inception in 2009. We continue our mission of sustainable change through going-concern sponsorships and project-based initiatives across the world. It is our belief that lasting and meaningful change must begin with these three areas of focus:


Talent is distributed equally —opportunity is not. By attending to the full hierarchy of needs for vulnerable children in developing countries, we seek to provide a caring and attentive environment while empowering a generation to reach their maximum potential.


Our efforts to change the world are in vain if there is no world to see it through. Indeed, we recognize that climate change is the single greatest threat of our lifetime, and that profound and immediate action is the only way we will be able to accommodate future generations.


We aspire toward the development of a truly conscious society — where kindness and compassion are commonplace, and informed by a genuine empathy and desire to learn. Fostering this fundamental sense of global community and “one-ness”, is the surest path toward lasting change.


Think global
—act global.

Our goals are ambitious but are matched by our passion and sense of purpose. No matter how small or large, we believe that each act of kindness has a multiplying effect that inspires further kindness unto others. With initiatives in India, Nepal, Syria, and Cambodia, we strive to sow seeds of compassion that lead to truly extraordinary impact. Learn more about our past and current initiatives across the globe.

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Child with Nurse
Child with Nurse

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We don’t give
—we share.

Members of the Mannkind family are conscious citizens of a global community; it is our responsibility to contribute toward the betterment of society, and we do so by sharing whatever abundance we have available to us. To this end, we are adamant that everyone has a gift to share— no amount of time or money is too small to support the many causes that require our attention today.


“May compassion be your constant companion. May gratitude permeate your life.”

— Dave Mann, Co-Founder

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