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Syrian Refugees Update
September 21, 2015

Azra Mann:

I landed in Belgrade at around 6 pm. I spent the last few hours finalizing hostel arrangements and going to the refugee park. Every time I saw a child sleeping on the floor, my heart shattered. I teared up every time I saw a baby/toddler/child. These people exhibited such strength, and they smiled at me on every turn.

I saw a kind lady from Belgrade walk by and just hand a teddy bear to this little girl. She couldn’t stop smiling! This little girl and her family didn’t speak English. They didn’t seem to have legal documents, so I couldn’t get them shelter for the night. Along with the hostel owner (who mainly toured me through these parks), we took this family, and another to a nearby restaurant. They were able to get them fresh food. The little girl also had a glass of milk, and she drank it so fast… When I asked if I could take their daughter’s photo, the parents quickly approved. The little girl put her hand around me. She was so incredibly sweet. Even with all the language barriers, and her unfortunate circumstance, she was able to express love; she blew me a kiss, and I blew one back.

This is, unfortunately, their reality. Staying in this park until they can continue their journey. Let’s change this! With your help, we can continue to raise money to get more families into our shelter, with food, clothing and medical aid. We are opening the shelter in the first two weeks of October!

Tomorrow, with my reinforcements Mirza Zekic and Eldin Zekic – we will be giving out winter clothes (that many of you have donated). Tonight was overwhelming – emotionally. I didn’t think to take photos until the end. I will take pictures tomorrow!